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Supporting the community

  • I am 45 years old and I stay at the Omdeldam in Namibia with my husband Jacob and our children. In the past we tried to make a living with a few goats and sheep. Since 2017, we are a part of the social project “Jojoba for Namibia”. This project changed our lives! We have a regular income now and the future for us and our family as entrepreneurs looks very positive.

    Rosa Smit

  • We have lived in the Namib Desert for some years and are involved in the “Jojoba for Namibia” project right from the start. Since we originate from different parts of Namibia, we and our families are responsible for the raw materials originating from the various regions, such as the Mongongo- and Marula fruits.

    Teresia, Elina, Esther and Estherline

  • We work on the “Wüstenquell Jojoba Plantation”. We are responsible for maintaining the plantation. Planting, watering, pruning, etc.. For us and our families, this project has become a very important part of our lives as it sustains our livelihood. Our children go to school and we started to build our own stone houses in our home village in Kavango region.

    Prosper and Johnny

  • We are responsible for the Jojoba cuttings and the pressing of all the different oils which we sell at Namib Desert Jojoba. We live on the Swakopmund plantation right next to all the Jojoba plants. Being part of this unique project is very important to us and makes us proud.

    Paulina, Kenny and Sophia.