Kalahari Melon Seed Oil

Kalahari Melon

The healing powers of the "Tsamma"

The Kalahari Melon, also known as “tsamma” or “wild watermelon” is superbly
adapted to the harsh and dry desert environment of Namibia. 
This creeper with bright yellow flowers bears a juicy fruit, which despite its bitter taste has always been a crucial source of water for desert dwellers. The seeds
are extremely rich in protein, as well as vitamin A, B2, C, E and G, Minerals, riboflavin and carbohydrates. They can be crushed into a coarse flour, roasted, salted or eaten whole as a nutritious snack.
The Kalahari Melon Seed Oil has traditionally been used as a body scrub. It is the perfect cure for dry skin and brittle hair. It helps to diminish skin blemishes with its antioxidant abilities, serves as moisturizer and rejuvenates the skin.