Marula Oil

Marula Oil
Both Ancient and Modern, the Tradition lives on
The Marula tree grows wild in Namibia. It is drought resistant
and reaches a height of 20 metres. The indigenous people love to brew their own Marula beer out of the plum sized fruits. 
The oil is being extracted out of the centre shell of the fruit.
It is rich in vitamin C and E. It is a natural hygroscopic, antioxidant,
improves moisture retention and is being recommended to be
used as a full body massage oil.Archaeological recordings confirm evidence of stone old Marula pits, carving tools and heaps of shells. The African
women still make use of the healing powers of the oil, in their traditional ways today. The oil is slowly being massaged into the hair and scalp, onto
the face, feet and hands. The ancient rituals are being carried over to the next generation and thus kept alive.