!Nara Melon Oil

!Nara Oil

Delicacy of the "Topnaar" People

The !Nara plant is endemic to Namibia and grows in the dry desert region along the Atlantic coastline.
Almost lime green in colour, this thorny creeper bears spiky fruits which are highly nutritious and eaten by Gemsbok, Jackal, Hyena and Porcupine alike. The !Nara fruit is a delicacy for the “Topnaar”people. Dried, roasted and baked in all different kinds of manners for optimum use.
The people of the “Topnaar” live in a small village, which is scattered along the lower Kuiseb river. These traditional stock farmers harvest the seeds of the !Nara fruit, allow them to dry and then pack them into bags to be transported to the nearest town. To enable the Toppenaars to earn a steady income, the project plays an active role in this production.
The cold pressed oil of the !Nara seeds has a high Omega 6 content, which helps to heal and regenerate dry, sensitive skin. Traditionally, this oil was used for wound healing and general skin protection.