Heritage of our Oil

Natural Oil Farming Namibia
Namib Desert Jojoba is not only supporting communal farmers to start with their own jojoba plantation, but other namibian women in rural areas. Since hundred of years african women, from different areas in africa used what nature gave them for living. Natural oils played a very big role in the daily lifes of the different tribes. Each tribe used the special oil that nature produced in the specific habitat they live in. The tradition of how this oil is gained and for what it was used is a very valuable source. It is the privilege of NDJ to bring this 'ancient liquid gold' from Africa to you. Native and cold pressed; organic and fair.
Marula oil from the Owambo Tribe
Mongongo oil from the Kamasa Tribe
!Nara oil from the Topnaar Tribe
Kalahari Melon oil from the Khoi San Tribe